Continuing Education

Online Continuing Education Course Coming Soon

SC Railing Company is currently updating the “Efficient Design Utilizing Decorative Guardrails” course, and looks forward to offering updated education regarding the structure, safety, and style of guardrails. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the announcement of our updated course coming mid-May!

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We are committed to lending our expertise of decorative guardrails to the architectural community as a resource. Through our updated online continuing education course, we offer information not only about identifying guardrail styles, but also how they fit into your design, information on proper installation, and challenges you may encounter with various code compliance standards.


When it comes to railing systems, there is no need to compromise a beautiful aesthetic for function and safety; systems can deliver both. This course examines guardrails in terms of their structure, safety, and style. Applicable sections of the International Building Code (IBC) are discussed, as are materials, finishes, and infill options, and how they affect the project budget.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

• explain how loading requirements, member selection, and deflection affect guardrail system design and performance

• recall 2015 IBC code criteria related to handrails and guards and apply them to the design of a safe guardrail system

• discuss the advantages and considerations of three types of glass guardrail support systems, and

• specify guardrail materials, finishes, and infills that are appropriate for the project environment, design goals and aesthetic, and budget.